We are a Canadian band with a passion for rock music. Our journey began 3 years ago and we have been rocking the stage ever since. With our unique blend of talent and creativity, we create music that resonates with our fans. Join us on our musical adventure and experience the power of rock!

Our Background

Rocking the Stage

since March 2020

Our Work

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We have been working on various projects that showcase our musical versatility. From high-energy rock anthems to soulful ballads, each project is a testament to our dedication and passion for music. Explore our projects and discover the different facets of our musical journey.

New Releases

Our latest releases are a reflection of our growth as musicians and artists. With each album, we strive to push the boundaries of rock music and create something truly unique. Dive into our new releases and experience the evolution of our sound.

Upcoming Projects

We are constantly working on new projects that will captivate our audience and push the boundaries of rock music. Stay tuned for our upcoming releases and be a part of our musical journey.

Queen and Aces band is the epitome of raw energy and talent. Their music has the power to move your soul and make you feel alive. I can't get enough of their electrifying performances!

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